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Using the Macro Calculator, you can calculate the number of calories, carbs, protein, and Fat required to reach your goal. Whether you are willing to lose, maintain, or gain your weight, you can use the macros calculator to make a diet plan and follow-up to get your desire weight The BodyNutrition macro calculator allows you to customize your plan according to gender, weight, height, age, activity leveland finallythe most importantyour body goals. Try itit takes 15 seconds: Each of these macros play a different role in nutrition, and their amount and distribution is going to change based on whether you are trying to gain [ Macro Calculator - Free Macro Calculator - Calorie Calculator - Macros Inc. This free macro calculator (used by over 250,000 people!) will provide you the most accurate macros and calories for your flexible dieting goals. It's easy to use - simply choose your goal below and within minutes you will know how many calories and macros to eat. Bodybuilding.com's macro calculator starts with the Mifflin St. Jeor equation, which is considered by our nutritionists and dieticians to be the gold standard of calorie calculators. Here's how it works: Calculate basal metabolic rate (BMR), or the calories your body burns simply by being alive Our Macros Calculator is FREE to use for everyone. In just a minute you can calculate Macronutrients values keeping in view your gender, height, weight, and age as well. If you are in middle of weight loss, these macronutrients ratios and values will give you some confidence and if you have just started the weight loss and stay fit mission then.

Macro Calculator. The macro calculator is first flexible dieting tool of its kind. We developed it to be the most comprehensive and easy to use fitness calculator for people following the diet. The macro calculator takes the guess work out of dieting. All you have to do is enter your details, select your goals and retrieve your macros Macro Calculator • Calculate Your Macros For Free • Macronutrients The IIFYM Macro Calculator is the first diet calorie calculator of its kind. We developed the IIFYM Macro Calculator to become the most comprehensive and easy to use weight loss calculator for people following the IIFYM diet and flexible dieting for fat loss with IIFYM This calculator is designed by flexible dieters. IIFYM is another name for flexible dieting. The full form of IIFYM is If it fits your macros. Macros are short for macronutrients and they are defined as substrates used to produce energy in the body. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are the macronutrients Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator. Welcome! Check your inbox for Part 1 of your video course and see how to use the calculator with the Eat To Perform method. Eat To Perform Macro/Calorie Calculator. Height. ft. in. Weight. lbs. Goal Weight. lbs. Age. yrs. Activit Macro Calculator The macro calculator is first flexible dieting tool of its kind. We developed it to be the most comprehensive and easy to use fitness calculator for people following the diet. The macro calculator takes the guess work out of dieting. All you have to do is enter your details, select your goals and retrieve your macros

The Macro Calculator calculates your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), then uses that to set the amount of calories you will be consuming while following the IIFYM diet for fat loss. In order to lose weight (burn fat) you need to consume less calories than your body needs. A calorie deficit of 15-20% off of your TDEE is used as a safe. Macro Calculator. To calculate your daily calorie and macro goals, simply fill out the information on my calculator below! Further details on calculating your macros are available in my nutrition guide Calculate Your Macros. The Ketogenic.com keto calculator lets you know exactly what your optimal intake of macronutrients — carbs, protein, and fat — should be. If you are looking for a way to get into keto, or maybe have struggled in the past, this is a good place to start. If you aren. The Precision Nutrition Calculator. Instantly calculate your calories, portions, and macros (for the results you want) (Once we calculate your macros, we'll send you a free, personalized guide to using our hand portion system for hitting your calorie and macro targets. However, the macronutrient calculator only gives you about half of the nutrition puzzle. To get the other half, you need a personalized meal plan. Custom Macro Meal Plan. Get a personalized nutrition plan built for your body type, activity level, and goals! Including daily menus and recipes formulated to fit your macros for just $13.99 per month

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Macro calculator online: estimate the macronutrients you need per day. Free macronutrient calculator for the macro balance of your diet: proteins, carbs and fats. Learn about the three major macronutrients, their proportions in different diets, and what an optimal macro balance is. Great calorie macro calculator for keeping an IIFYM diet (If It Fits Your Macro) Accurate Macros Calculator. We think this is our best Macros Calculator ever. It may be the most accurate Macros Calculator online. It's designed to help you work out your macronutrient requirements for your body. Try our Accurate TDEE Calculator to get your Total Daily Energy Expenditure Macro Calculator. Macro Calculator admin 2018-09-15T00:01:10+00:00. Welcome to the Macro Calculator! You can utilize this tool as a first step in figuring out your daily macronutrient targets. Keep in mind that this is a guesstimation based on the factors you entered. Using a calculator to get you started is a good first step; however, there.

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  1. Using the latest research and expert interviews, we've designed the best macros calculator for fat loss and muscle gain — and you pick the protein intake
  2. To find out how many calories of each macronutrient you should eat, make sure you convert the macro numbers that you get from our keto calculator to calories first. Here are the conversions for each macronutrient to make it easier for you: 1 gram of carbs = 4 calories. 1 gram of protein =4 calories
  3. e your macros and and degree of calorie restriction based off of a variety of factors — gender, age, height, weight, activity level, and body fat levels (if known). Nutrita's macro calculator uses additional factors, offers goals beyond fat-loss and gives different advice
  4. Use our easy macro calculator to learn how many calories you should be eating to achieve your goals, as well as guides for protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Step 2: Get your free ebook via email Have your macros delivered to you via email and receive a FREE copy of Eat Fantastic, our 28-page guide to flexible dieting
  5. Calculator: Lose Weight - macros.io. Lose Weight Faster with the Custom Macro Calculator + Free Course. 1:37
  6. You can use the following calculator to quickly estimate your macronutrient consumption needs. By default it is set to a 2,500 calorie diet using a diet recommended for a Mesomorph body type. Various diets and recommendations for different body types are located lower down the page

Terms and Conditions. Copyrights © 2021 Anna Victoria. All rights reserve This is my guide to calculating macros based on Martin Berkhan's Leangains system. I have been using this with clients since 2011 years. You can see the results that this system produces on my online coaching results page.If you're looking for an overview of Leangains, see my Leangains Guide.. As with any serious nutrition strategy, these initial calculations are just the start point Macro Calculator - Free Flexible Dieting Macronutrient Calculator - Transparent Labs. This calculator uses an advanced algorithm that can compute your specific calorie and macro based on personal information, lifestyle habits, AND any diet you may be following. Not only that, but with these specific inputs, our algorithm is capable of providing. A macro calculator is an easy equation to work out how many macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) your body needs each day based on your weight and daily activity levels. It's sometimes.

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TyG Index Calc. P:E Ratio Calculator. Metabolism Model 1. Does this Macro Calculator work? Yes, the macro calculator 'works' for weight loss, fat loss, bodybuilding/muscle building.I've been coaching online as a full-time job since 2011. If I didn't get results (view over 100 client results photos here), I'd get fired.. And yes, they are very well thought out — they're based on the recommendations in my book, The Muscle and. The Psmf Calculator is an effective tool to setup your macros to be successful on the protein sparing modified fast plan. It has shown to have great results when all the protocal are followed properly such as macros, diet breaks, and refeeds FREE BODYBUILDING MACRONUTRIENT CALCULATOR. This free bodybuilding macronutrient calculator will show you exactly how many daily calories you require along with the exact grams of protein, carbs and fats you should consume to meet your individual muscle building or fat burning needs. Proper training in the gym is obviously important, but you.

Macro Calculator. To calculate your daily caloric needs and macro goals, fill out the information below! Gender. Female Male Macro Calculator Macro is short for macronutrient. Macronutrients are the three categories of nutrients you eat the most and provide you with most of your energy: protein, carbohydrates and fats. If you are counting your macros then you are counting the grams of proteins, carbs or fat that you are consuming Counting macros requires doing more than just using a macronutrient calculator to determine your amounts and then planning your meals accordingly. Choosing quality sources of protein, fats, and carbohydrates is also needed if you are to meet your weight loss and/or fitness goals and maintain optimum health About The Macro Calculator. Counting calories has been a trend for a while now. While reducing your calorie intake is essential for weight loss, no less important is the balance of macronutrients in your daily menu. This aspect is often unduly forgotten among those trying to get rid of some extra pounds. Follow this article to find out all the necessary information regarding your daily. The best macro calculator on the internet Find out how much you should be eating in under 30 seconds. Figuring out how much you should be eating can be a complicated process. Different formulas and equations etc. Most calculators only give you overall daily targets to follow. Then it is up to you to do the math and figure out when and what you.

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This macro calculator gives you the ability to adjust your macros at 4 different goal settings. Lose puts you in a 20% calorie deficit which promotes safe, steady weight loss. Lose 10% puts you in a 10% calorie deficit and is intended for those with less than 10 pounds to lose and who also wish to build muscle at the same time Macro Calculator . My Information. Gender. Female. Male. Age. Weight (lbs) Height (in) ft. in. Activity Level. Sedentary (little or no excercise) Lightly active (light exercise / sports 1-3 days per week) Moderately active (moderate exercise / sports 3-5 days per week This calorie and macro calculator allows you to estimate how much weight you'll lose or gain each week based on how many calories you consume. Choose from a standard, keto, or leangains calculator. You can use the macro calculator to calculate and tweak your protein, fat, and carbohydrate macronutrients. You can use this as a bulking.

Free Female Calorie &Macro Calculator. This calorie & macro calculator will give you estimates of the number of calories and the ratio of protein, carbs and fat to help you maintain or lose weight Cutting Macro Calculator There is an overwhelming amount of information for weight loss out there. We wrote this calculator that factors in current best practices for determining your daily caloric needs and then applies our own diet to help you shred fat while preserving muscle Free training #1 How to calculate your macros. Here in a quick 8 minute demonstration I screen record myself calculating the macros using the free IIFYM calc.. Alexander Lukatskiy/Shutterstock. Macronutrients add an extra layer of complexity to calorie-counting, but if you're concerned with building muscle and burning fat, then macros matter.That's. Calorie Intake & Macros Calculator for Weight Loss. Macros, short for macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), are the basis of all the calories we consume. 1 g of protein has 4 calories, 1 g of fat has 9 calories, and 1 g of carbohydrate has 4 calories. Tracking calories and macros isn't for everyone, but if you're struggling to.

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The Team Keto Macro Calculator uses one of the most reliable and empirically backed formulas for determining your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This formula is known as the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation, which research has shown can accurately predict BMR within 10% of someone's measured BMR. [ 1] The equation itself is With this calculator, I'm assuming the macros and calories listed already take into consideration calories burned, so, I can unlink my smart watch from calorie/macro tracker? Great article. Reply. F.V. Team says: 9 months ago . Yes based on your Activity Factor our calculator calculate the macros. Team F.V You need to CALCULATE your macros, and you need to TRACK AND MONITOR your macros. HOW TO CALCULATE MACROS: My FREE macro calculator is specifically tailored to low-carb and ketogenic diet protocols, including information such as nutrient density score, keto score and insulin index, making it completely unique Macro Calorie Calculator By The Meal Prep Ninja. Step 1: Calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) Step 2: Look at the chart above and determine if you want to maintain, lose 1 lb a week or lose 2 lbs a week. Now you have a number to start with RJF Anabolic Cookbook:https://payhip.com/b/nbI4 MEAL PLANS & ONLINE COACHING:http://RemingtonJamesFitness.com FINAL BOSS SUPPLEMENTS (Code RJF10 For Discoun..

There are four different amounts of macros that will populate at the bottom of the calculator - maintenance (if you want to maintain weight) and three weight loss options. Choose the one that most closely resembles your weight loss goals. Free Keto Macros Calculator . Here's the free keto macros calculator Alphalete: http://www.alphaleteathletics.com MVMT Watches: $15 code CGUZMAN15 https://tinyurl.com/y79o3db4 Ghost Supplements: http://tinyurl.com/gpxc69.. Our macros calculator for keto diet is great tool if you need keto calculator for weight loss or you are maintaining your weight. We were thinking about people who are exercising and want to gain some muscles too! This macro calculator for keto could be used for low carb diet or lchf diet. It's useful if you want to check your calories daily. The keto macro calculator will determine the amount of fat you need based off these requirements. Feel free to play with the keto macro calculator to adjust caloric needs based on weights and lifestyles activity levels. You can adjust your weight until you get a certain calorie expenditure, and then calculate your macros from there The easiest way to do this is by using a keto macro calculator, like the one at the top of this page. Alternatively, use a calorie calculator and divide the calories up for the recommended percentages we outlined above and use the calories to calculate how many grams of each you need. For example, 2000 calories a day, at 10% carb intake, will.

Counting macronutrients is a popular method for achieving health goals like weight loss or building muscle. This article explains the benefits and provides a step-by-step guide to counting macros Keto Macro Calculator. Fill in your information below to find out how many calories, carbs, proteins, and fats you should be eating per day to reach your goals, whether you want to gain mass or lose weight. Make sure to watch Matt in the video below as he takes you through the process of using the macro calculator and explains what all the. Option 1: Use our Macros Calculator. There are plenty of nutrition calculators out there, but ours is—lowkey brag coming up—special. Most calculators determine your maintenance calorie needs using static formulas. Then, they simply chop 500 calories per day or lower the calories 10 to 20 percent below maintenance—no matter how much weight. My calculator will use your body stats and activity levels to generate your unique calorie and macronutrient requirements. Purchase to get unlimited access to my Macro Calculator so that as your goals and body change you can alter your nutrition to suit. This is the exact calculator I use with my Premium Coaching clients

Macro Calculator. Welcome Welcome to Macro-Calculator.co.uk. On this site you will be able to use the calculator we have to calculate how many macros you need to eat each day to achive your target weight. It's simple to use - just input some of your details and select your goal. Our calculator will output how many grams of protein. Sometimes called your macros, this shows how much of these macronutrients you should eat, based on your desired ratio. How Does This Work? If you have figured out your ideal daily calorie intake, the Macronutrient Calculator helps you convert this into grams of food. Food are grouped into Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats Select Your Height / Weight. Imperial. Metric. Height: 5 ft 5 inches. Weight: 72 lbs. How many times a week do you workout? Which option is most like you

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Quick & easy macro calculator . Enter your daily calorie intake and desired percentages and the macronutrient calculator will provide you with a breakdown of your macros in calories and grams. After you've used the macro calculator, continue reading for more information on macronutrients and the pros and cons of counting/tracking your macros Calculate your calories and macros for fat loss easily with our simple to use calorie calculator. Just input your details to get a detailed breakdown Learn How Many Calories You Burn Every Day. Use the TDEE calculator to learn your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, a measure of how many calories you burn per day.This calorie calculator will also display your BMI, BMR, Macros & many other useful statistics CALCULATOR. More. macros calculator. are you ready . to start your journey to better health? The Biggest Lie You Can Tell Yourself 76 Write a comment. CHOOSING TO CHEAT 156 Write a comment. Permanent Change 141 Write a comment. more info! our services and plans. OH YES!.

Our TDEE calculator first calculates your BMR using formulas such as the Harris-Benedict and the Mifflin-St. Jeor Formula and then multiplying the values with your ACTIVITY such as Sedentary (office job), Light Exercise (1-2 days/week), Moderate Exercise (3-5 days/week), Heavy Exercise (6-7 days/week) or Athlete (2x per day) ADVANCED MACRO CALCULATOR. Unlimited access to use our Advanced Macro Calculator. You will get access to our CUSTOM PLATFORM and plug in all of your statistics, goals, and preferences and our Macro Calculator will give you an accurate recommendation of macronutrient breakdowns by day and per meal

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Macronutrient Calculator. The following calculator facilitates planning a diet. The energy content of a diet is dependent on the quantities of three macronutrients: Proteins, Lipids, and Carbohydrates. Fiber, which consists of undigestible carbohydrates, contributes minimally to the total energy content, but its weight is included in the total. What do you mean by accurate macro calculator? Fat is 9 calories per gram, carbs and protein each have 4 calories per gram. You could set your nutrition goals to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight, or something; nutrition can't be, and doesn't have to be, accurate

Calorie and Macros Calculator Heart Rate Calculator. Calorie and Macros Calculator. Enter your details to calculate your daily calorie estimate and macronutrient breakdown. Gender: Age. Weight (kg) Change unit to stones and pounds. Weight (st) Change unit to kilograms. Height (cm). This calculator estimate the Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) of a person based on their age, physical characteristics, and activity level. It also provides simple food energy intake guidelines for either losing or gaining weight. Also explore many other free calculators Specify the amount of daily net carbs you'd like to consume. Typically, 20-30 grams is recommended to start with. Below are the calculated macronutrient values to help you achieve your goals. Please keep in mind that these calculations are estimates and small differences won't impair your progress PSMF Calculator with Macros and Calorie Needs. Notes on using the PSMF calculator: 1) Body fat in the PSMF Calculator is calculated on weight and gender. 2) If you want a more accurate body fat measurement there is a US Navy Body Fat calculator below which you can then use to enter your body fat into the PSMF Calculator

This new FREE macro calculator will help you reach them! We put our 20 plus years of experience using keto to help clients into this new free tool. Whether you want to do keto, zero carb or carnivore, this calculator will get you the macros to succeed. Check out this video explaining how to use it Checkout sicuro al 100% - Proteggiamo il nostro sito con tecnologia SSL e CloudFlare. Inoltre, le transazioni vengono elaborate direttamente con PayPal Macro Calculator. Macro or macronutrients are nutrients that your body requires in large quantities such as Fat, Protein, Carbs, Water and Fiber. Fat, Protein, Carbs provide 9, 4 and 4 calories per gram, Water and Fiber do not provide any energy. A good balance of these macronutrients is essential to your fitness goals Macro Calculator. Enter your gender, age, height, weight and your physical activity level. Then click the Calculate Macro button. Sedentary: Very little or no exercise. Lightly Active: Office worker, who moves around or will do little exercise. Moderately Active: Works by standing or doing moderate exercise like daily running for an hour

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Macro Calculator For Lifters. Experienced lifters know that the hours spent in the gym are only half the battle. There is a lot of truth to the adage abs are made in the kitchen. Whether your goal is to get ripped and shred fat, maintain your current body composition, or if you're trying to gain weight and pack on muscle, use our calculator. CALCULATE YOUR BMR (BASAL METABOLIC RATE) BMR is the number of calories required to keep your body functioning at rest. This calculator uses the 'Harris Benedict BMR Formula. BMR=655.1 + (4.35 x weight in lbs) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in yrs) AGE (yrs) *. HEIGHT (Inches or cm depending on your units selection) * A macro calculator is used to identify the proportion of proteins, carbs and fats you should be eating as part of your daily calorie intake in order to support your specific goals

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Macronutrients (Macros) are the nutrients that provide your body with energy, they are the substances your body needs to grow and metabolise. There are three macronutrients and while each of these macros provide calories the amount of calories that each one provides varies. Protein (4 calories per gram) Carbohydrates (4 calories per gram The keto calculator will help you set your carb limits, your protein targets and your fat limits. You might also want to look at the keto food pyramid so you have an idea of how to build your meals and snacks. Carbs - set your limit. 20g is keto, 50g is low-carb, 100g is moderate low-carb. Protein - is a target This calculator was designed to be THE most accurate macro and calorie calculator for your goals on the internet..Give the IIFYM Calculator below a spin. (please provide any feedback in the comments section below) Want to know how to use the IIFYM Calculator? Click Here For Detailed inf Nossa calculadora de macros online é GRATUITA para usar para todos. Em apenas um minuto, você pode calcular macros os valores de Macronutrientes tendo em vista também o sexo, a altura, o peso e a idade. Se você estiver no meio da perda de peso, essas proporções e valores de macronutrientes lhe darão confiança e se você acabou de.

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Keto Macros Calculator. Units. Gender. Age years. Weight stones lbs. Height feet inches. Activity Level. Body fat % Net carbs grams. Specify the amount of daily net carbs you'd like to consume. Typically, 20-30 grams is recommended to start with. Results Maintenance. Maintenance level is the level at which your weight remains stable.. Macronutrient Calculator. Age. Sex. Male Female. Height. Feet Meters. Weight. Pounds Kilograms. Goal. Fat Loss. Maintenance. Muscle Gains. Activity Level. Lightly active (moderate exercise but sedentary job) Moderately active (intense exercise but sedentary job) Very active (moderate exercise and active job 2. Calculate your macronutrient ratio. Calories aren't just calories! They're actually values that come from the macronutrients of protein, fats, and carbohydrates (as well as alcohol). Paul Salter, RD, can show you how to dial yours in for your goal in the article, Macronutrient Calculator: Find Your Macro Ratio for Flexible Dieting and IIFYM. 3 Macro Calculator, an app that is used for health and fitness, and designed to calculate your daily macro nutrient intake based on your daily calorie intake. This app comes with a 3 preset buttons that automatically calculates your macro nutrient split. If the preset buttons are not to your liking, your splits are absolutely customizable

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Macros - and specifically, macro calculators - are a hot topic for nutritionists and fitness bloggers right now. You may have seen influencers talking about following the macro diet - and. Use the calculator below to calculate keto macros specific to your body, goals, and chosen dietary pattern. Dietary patterns supported by the macro calculator include standard keto, carb cycling, targeted keto, and cyclical keto. Simply enter your age, body composition information, activity levels, and goals to calculate personalized. The Personalized Macro Calculation is a one-time calculation and does not come with follow-up consults, whereas one-on-one coaching is highly individualized. Coaching cycles are 6 months in length and include: review and feedback on your current habits,. calculate your macros below KNOWING YOUR MACRONUTRIENTS IS THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS. The key to success on a ketogenic diet is eating the right amount of daily calories in the right proportions of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, or macronutrients Here you'll find a free keto calculator to find your ideal macros for weight loss! First of All: What is Keto? The ketogenic diet — or the keto diet — is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb way of eating. It's referred to by many different names - ketogenic diet, low carb diet, low carb high fat (LCHF), etc. Eating low carb.

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To figure out your macros use the following TDEE Macro Calculator. For those who are looking to lose fat (most common) choose sedentary and then choose a deficit of 20 to 25%. We recommend to keep protein intake of AT LEAST 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. Total carbs under 30 grams and the rest is fat A macro calculator uses various information to calculate the overall daily calories needed to maintain your weight, and your subsequent macro targets. These results are tailored towards you specifically. Our macro calculator uses the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation and requires the following data: Age. Height. Weight. Gender. Estimated activity level

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Use this calculator below by inputting your calories from the first calculator and then pick your macro split based on the percentages we just talked about it! Now that we have your calories and macros set up, you need to set up your eating window (or feeding window). You probably also noticed that you found out how many meals you want to have Keto Calculator. This is a weight loss calculator for the ketogenic diet. It finds your optimal food intake for your personal weight loss goals. Click for more! A ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet. It has a lot of health advantages compared to the standard western diet. Most people do keto because of the. This simple keto diet calculator makes it easy for you to determine your macros for the ketogenic diet. Taking in the proper portions of fat, protein, and carbs is critical in producing ketones. This keto macro calculator is the first step to your keto diet success. Simply enter your information in the calculator below. Units. Metric US Customary Most people come to Beyond Macros to learn how to calculate macros for fat loss. The vast majority of people who start counting macros are doing it to lose fat, but before you go find an online macro calculator make sure you watch this video to learn how to calculate your macros for fat loss because most people get it wrong and end up yo-yo dieting A Calculator for Macros in a Diet. Contribute to Samuel-Ricardo/Macros_Calculator development by creating an account on GitHub

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We've shown you how to calculate macros, to start flexible dieting you need to go and start tracking your intake and aim to hit those targets! A good tool to track your macros would be My Fitness Pal. What foods you eat are largely down to you. It would be a smart move to think of food quality first and foremost Calculating Macros using the C-P-M Model. At Beyond Macros, our coaches are taught to calculate macros using the C-P-M model. C stands for calories. P stands for protein. M Stands for macros. When you are calculating your macros for CrossFit, you will calculate each in that order. Fat Loss vs Cross Fi How To Calculate Macros For a Keto Diet Step 1: Calculate your TDEE. To calculate keto macros manually, you'll need to determine your TDEE, or Total Daily Energy Expenditure. TDEE is the number of calories you burn in a day, and determined by basic factors like age, gender, weight, height, and activity level Ahora puedes hacerlo gracias a nuestra calculadora de macros, que te permite calcular tu plan nutricional perfecto para conseguir tus objetivos. La dieta flexible o IIFYM es un tipo de dieta muy popular diseñada para que puedas comer lo que quieras y evitar déficits o superávits calóricos innecesarios en tu dieta